The Issues We Care About



Carrboro has one of the highest (if not the highest) property taxes in the state. These taxes support the great programs and services we have come to expect. However we also must look to increase revenues through other sources and providing a welcoming business environment will help alleviate the burden on residents. Visitors and residents can spend money where we live and create an ingress of workers and consumers. Increasing business creates greater revenue for the town and reduces travel and carbon emissions.



Climate change is a global issue, but also one that the residents of Carrboro can play an active role in addressing. Our local government should enact initiatives that drive greater awareness and examine our current processes. Residents should be actively incented to bring forth ideas for our community and we should encourage our local businesses to take the lead from Weaver Street to reduce the use of all single-use bags/straws. Additionally, as we increase the amount of business in town we reduce our carbon footprint as residents can shop, work, and eat in the town they live in.



In a two-way dialogue between Carrboro’s leaders and the community service ideas will be brought forth and residents will have the opportunity to participate in them either individually or through their local civic groups and organizations. In conjunction with this effort, members and groups in our community will be able to suggest the “change they’d like to be” and suggest service projects that they would like to undertake in service to our community. Leadership will provide a mechanism for recognition of these efforts and if needed funding for the work.



Our town government works very hard on behalf of its residents but much of that effort goes unnoticed. For us to be a community that represents all of its residents from a diverse set of neighborhoods our government must work diligently to create greater communication between the town and its residents to encourage more participation from the public. Direct communication efforts on a regular basis will help create the transparency that people would like from their elected leaders and provide for a well informed populace.



Ensuring that our town is committed to providing adequate housing for low and fixed income residents is an ongoing and critical issue. It should be a key task for our government to create incentives for developers to create new housing that supports this mission along with working with existing landlords to ensure they are maintaining fair and adequate inventories to accommodate our growing population. The town can also work to provide education to these residents to help with home acquisition as well as short-term loans to help cover initial costs.

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Carrboro has a diverse mix of suburban, urban, and semi-rural areas and it should be the goal of our government to ensure that the needs of all of the residents are met. We must develop a connected town, not only so that we can get from point-to-point within Carrboro but also to connect to Durham, Hillsborough, RTP, and RDU using mass transit. We must also be aware of, and make accommodation for, vehicles to freely travel and park in town to support our business community and encourage those from other cities to recognize Carrboro as a destination.



Women’s health and access to responsible healthcare is threatened at a national level and it won’t be long before it becomes an urgent issue in North Carolina. We must put in place a plan to support and protect access to healthcare for the women in our community. We will work to create a fund where we support women in our community with health issues that may not be supported by our state.